Don’t feel guilty simply enjoy the pleasures drinking hot chocolate can bring.

Drinking hot chocolate for many is undoubted guilty pleasure but there is no need to feel guilty instead embrace the pleasure that a luxurious cup of hot chocolate brings. Drinking hot chocolate in sensible amounts can actually have a number of health benefits and numerous studies have been conducted and promote the positives of drinking hot chocolate. Any readers wishing to research in more detail can simple google – Hot Chocolate health benefits and be presented with numerous articles and academic studies.

We at the hot choc club have picked out some of our favourite benefits and I’m sure you will agree these take away any degree of guilt.

  1. Drinking hot cocca can help prevent cancer and improve the cardiovascular system – more detail can be found –


  1. It boosts brain power – we always knew that hot choc drinkers were clever but a study shows that the flavonoids in hot chocolate help increase the blood flow and oxygen to the brain.


  1. It boosts your mood – All hot choc lovers must agree that drinking a cup of hot chocolate puts you in a great mood. It can help relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Weather you’ve had a hard day at work and need to unwind or a stressful day looking after the children there is nothing better than settling down on the sofa curled up with a luxurious mug of hot chocolate.


We at the hot choc club are firm believers that a luxurious treat never hurt anyone. Life is busy, stressful and often appreciating the small pleasures in life passes us by. A cup of hot chocolate never hurt anyone and in fact as detailed in this article it can have many benefits although we are not sure if 10 a night can be recommended but with the hot choc clubs luxury expertly sourced products you will be desperate to try the next offering and nights in on the sofa will have never felt so exciting.

Love hot chocolate or know someone that does? Subscribe to our services or buy a gift box – we guarantee a hot chocolate experience has never been this good.

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