We have had hundreds of requests in recent month to launch vegan products and today we have launched our very first specific vegan friendly product.

The Vegan friendly gift box contains 6 luxurious hot chocolate drinks and includes more traditional chocolate as well as a mint and hazelnut flavoured hot chocolate, as always, we only use real chocolate absolutely no powders allowed! Like all our gift boxes each hot chocolate portion is beautifully presented; wrapped in gold tissue and finished off with a handmade bow.

Luxurious hot chocolate can be enjoyed in several ways but the most popular way to enjoy our vegan hot chocolate is –

1. Place the contents of the hot chocolate sachet into your favourite mug.
2. Heat Soya milk (other substitutes can be used but soya is the most popular) on the stove or in the microwave.
3. Pour the milk into your mug.
4. Stir vigorously using a spoon or mini whisk until the chocolate has melted.
5. Sit back relax and enjoy a luxury cup of hot chocolate.

Please click here for more information and for a short time only we have an introductory offer.
Love The Hot Choc Club Team

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